A personal guide without the technical language

With a team of professionals that have over 25 years of combined experience in web design and development we’ll guide you through the process, end-to-end, without overwhelming you with the technical details. You can focus on the details as much–or as little–as you prefer. Information Safeguard is here to explain the process as it happens so that you can focus on your business and still be in the loop. Your trust and comfort are our primary goals.

Search Engine Optimization

InfoSafe Design has engineered comprehensive SEO packages based on our clients’ needs. Our evaluations and recommendations will rank you higher on Google and other leading search engines. Place yourself ahead of your competitors on the web. Learn more about our SEO offerings and visit our online store

Mobile-friendly and multi-device-friendly from the start

We build websites to function across multiple devices and experiences that are tailored to fit that use. Mobile users will receive quick, clean experiences for on-the-go information and content while retaining your branding and identity, while desktop and tablet users enjoy a more casual, wide-screen experience. All of it tailored to fit your business needs and desires.

A site you can update, and training for your staff

As part of our typical process, we provide a system that allows you to edit your pages (text, photos, forms, and more) and the guidance you and your staff need to update your site without the need for a web developer. If your needs grow, we’re there to provide assistance.

End-to-end web support: Domains, hosting, and more

We can set everything else up from scratch, work with your exiting web/domain host, or work with your IT guy (or department). You won’t have to be concerned with pieces of the process like securing a domain or dealing with a web hosting service in the middle of no-where.

Email designed and hand-crafted to fit your business

Whether you need full email support, a one-off, or a template for future use, we have you covered. Creating the perfect email look and feel is something that not just anyone can do. It requires a deep understanding of the mechanics of how email services that your clients will be using behaves. Our experience and understanding of the landscape allows us to boost your marketing efforts on one of the most still-most-reliable customer relationship platforms available.

Already have a web solution, but need development or design help for your team?

InfoSafe Design can provide time for assistance on your web development or design project with our available talent. We speak many languages and services:

  • Front-end development (HTML/CSS/JS)
    • Back-end development
    • LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) and WAMP (Windows AMP) stacks
    • ASP.NET and SQL Server
  • Design services (logos, graphics, wireframes, and full page layouts)
    • Marketing and print services also available

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